Club parkrun championship

Our club parkrun championship is a great way to join other Dragons in parkruns across the region. 

There are two championship trophies up for grabs – the groups winner and the most improved runner.  The latest championship tables and groups can be viewed here.

The following Parkruns will host the Championship in 2022:

  • April 30 – South Manchester
  • May 28 – Chadderton Hall
  • June 25 – Cheadle Hulme
  • July 30 – Worsley Woods
  • August 27 – Fletcher Moss
  • September 24 – Wythenshawe
  • October 29 – Sale Water
  • November 26 – Alexandra
  • December 17 – Peel

How it works


The Club parkrun championship runs from April to December.  To take part in the championship you must

  • be a member of Dragons at the time of the parkrun
  • be registered with Parkrun UK
  • have indicated in your Parkrun registration details that you are a member of Dragons Running Club (you can update your details in your Parkrun profile)
  • have a time registered in the results for that race
  • have indicated that you wish to take part by providing a Parkrun/5K best time from the 12 months prior to the start of the Championship. 

You must complete at least four runs to qualify for the championship. If you take part in more than four runs, your best four runs will count. 

The groups competition consists of mixed sex groups comprising runners of similar ability. Everyone taking part go into a group at the start of the championship year based on their best 5K/Parkrun in the previous 12 months (or the year before that if no runs were entered in the previous 12 months) unless the time isn’t representative of their normal speed in which case they may be moved to another group based on Parkrun championship times.  Anyone with no time will be added to a group once they get a 5K/Parkrun during the current year.    Anyone joining the club once the championship has started is added to a group based on the same criteria. Points are awarded for each Parkrun. Within each mixed sex group, the Dragon finishing highest placed in the Parkrun from that group gets 10 points, the second placed Dragon gets 9 points, third placed 8 points and so on.  The winner of the groups competition is the person with the most points following the final Parkrun.  If 2 or more members end the season on the same points then the winner is the person with the highest number of points overall.  If there is still a tie the groups competition will be shared.

There will also be a prize for the most improved runner.  You will be given a base time (based on your best 5K/Parkrun time the previous 12 months prior to the start of the championship.  If you haven’t a 5K/Parkrun time from the previous 12 months you can take part in the groups competition but not the most improved runner competition).  Your best time from the current year’s club parkrun championship runs will then be compared to your base score to give you an overall increase/decrease figure.  The winner of the most improved runner prize is the person with the highest increase figure.