We hold club runs twice a week:

  • around 5K – Tuesday at 6.30pm 
  • around 10k – Thursday at 6.30pm.

To join a run you must book a place in advance (slots usually become available two weeks in advance).

In association with Maximise Potential, we also offer a weekly track session at Timperley athletics track each Wednesday at 6.15pm.

For our club runs, we meet beforehand at around 6.20pm. Please check our Facebook members’ group on the day of the run to confirm the meeting place (if you aren’t a member of the group you can ask for details from the run director or contacting us).

All our club runs are free (apart from the track session) and non-members are welcome to join us (if, after a month, you have enjoyed the experience and would like to continue to run with us, we ask that you become a member of the club). For details of age restrictions see our membership page. If you’d like to discuss with someone what it is like to run with us, then just contact us.

Our club runs are organised by one of our qualified run leaders. They will select the route for the evening (details are posted on our Facebook group page) and will make sure everyone is happy and knows where they are going before setting off. They will also designate someone to run at the back of the pack to make sure no one gets lost or left behind.

No one is too slow (or too fast) to join our runs (on a Tuesday night we have runners finishing the 5km route anywhere between 20 minutes and 40 minutes). All we ask is that you can finish a 5km run. If you are brand new to running or returning after a long break you might want to consider joining our beginners’ group.

We have two visually impaired guide runners who are England Athletics trained.  If you are visually impaired and are interested in joining us on our club runs, please just contact us.

Run leaders

Our runs are lead by one of the following England Athletics qualified run leaders-

  • Andy Land (Leadership in Running Fitness licensed)
  • Holly Waddell (Leadership in Running Fitness licensed)
  • Jane Damerum (Leadership in Running Fitness licensed)
  • Lisa Walker (Leadership in Running Fitness licensed)
  • Madeleine Hill (Leadership in Running Fitness licensed)
  • Paul Maybury (Leadership in Running Fitness licensed)
  • Paulette Storey (Leadership in Running Fitness licensed)
  • Pete Bedford (Level 2 endurance coach)
  • Raji Sundar (Leadership in Running Fitness licensed)
  • Rob Todd (Leadership in Running Fitness licensed; visually impaired guide runner)
  • Sam Rose (Leadership in Running Fitness licensed)
  • Sue Strickland (Leadership in Running Fitness licensed; visually impaired guide runner)
  • Tracy Dique (Leadership in Running Fitness licensed).

We are always on the lookout for new run leaders and run assistants.  Further details are available here.

View the latest run leader rota here.