Club rules & member guidelines

The Dragons club rules provide the rules for how the club is run and detail the obligations of the club, officers and members. They are based on the England Athletics sample rules. They are supplemented by the member guidelines.

Dragons Club Rules

Member guidelines


  • Respect your fellow members when running, when socialising and when interacting on social media.   As a Club we value and respect all members with regard to age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief and expect members to do the same.  If you feel another member has behaved in a way that undermines these values, you should report this to a club committee member.  The committee will take seriously any complaints or allegations made and will follow the club disciplinary procedure
  • Take full liability for your own actions – the Club is not responsible for any loss or injury as a result of your actions
  • Run leaders, run assistants and other members may occasionally share knowledge and experiences with you.  This should in no way be considered professional advice
  • We love showing the world what a great time Dragons have.  If you share media on the club’s social media sites we may use this for promotional purposes.  If you don’t want this to happen, email

Club runs

  • Each Club run has a run leader and, in some cases, a run assistant.  They are volunteers who have planned out a route for you and are there to help make a run enjoyable and safe.  Please follow their instructions at all times. Run leaders have an England Athletics run leader qualification but run assistants may not
  • It is your responsibility to decide whether you are fit and able to run.  If you have any medical conditions that could affect you, it’s your responsibility to make the club aware of these
  • If you feel unwell during a run, it’s your responsibility to stop and to notify the run leader or another runner of this
  • Our runs take place on public roads and paths.  Please respect and acknowledge other road and footpath users.  Whilst it is great running with a large group of runners it can be daunting or even dangerous for others – run in single file/slow down if you have to, and if someone moves out of the way for us give them a cheery thank you
  • Look after other runners in the group. Encourage and support each other and slow down if you need to. If you see someone running by themselves, consider joining them and saying hello
  • Take responsibility for your own personal safety and look out for others and warn them if you think they may be at risk
  • If it’s dark, wear high vis clothing.  Normal gear just doesn’t do it
  • If you stop mid-session or leave at the end before the run leader returns, you should notify another member before you go home so they can inform the run leader
  • You must be aged 16 or older to be a member and come on a club run.  A child aged 14 or 15 can run with a responsible adult as long as that adult supervises the child at all times
  • Sorry, but pets aren’t eligible for membership and, therefore, can’t join you on a club run!
  • If the run leader considers conditions to be dangerous they may have to cancel the run; they will give as much notice as possible.

Races and events

  • Make sure you sign-up as a member of the right club!  You should use Dragons Running Club (Sale) – there are Welsh and Yorkshire Dragons out there also
  • Be supportive of other clubs and their members.  Competition is great but we are all runners and have shared interests and values
  • Follow the race/event rules – you are representing the Club as well as yourself
  • Don’t transfer race numbers without permission from the race organisers.  Social media posts on club sites offering a race number without such permission will be removed
  • Wear a Club vest or shirt when running in a race as a Club member unless there is a good reason not to (you are raising money for a charity, weather conditions requires different clothing etc)
  • Volunteer to help out with Club organized races before signing up to run in them.  Without volunteers, Club organised races won’t go ahead!


Pay your membership fees on time (due on 1 April each year).  We don’t want to lose you but if, by the 31 May, we haven’t received your renewal you will no longer be a member of the club and you will be unregistered from UK Athletics.