Club Championship 2020 groups

The groups for the 2020 Club Championship are as follows:

Group 1

Amanda Thomason
Debbie West
Harold Rogerson
Ivan MacIntyre
Laura Cunnington
Lisa Cresswell
Mary Waudby
Nisha Srivastava
Rachel Boyle
Raji Vai
Vicky Poyner

Group 2

Alan Lamb
Andy Land
David Swinburne
Joanna Brailsford
Madeleine Hill
Mark O’Brien
Paul Maybury
Richard Healy
Tristan Pocock

Group 3

Brendan Broderick
Duncan Gazeley
Elizabeth Bosworth
Emma Cowell
Emma Dutton
Ian Wood
Joanne Healy
Mike Sanderson
Robert Wadsworth

Group 4

Andrew Chow
Andy Redford
Andy Wadsworth
Geoff Paley
Katharine Lay
Lisa Crompton
Martin Bull
Robert Todd
Samantha Saunders
Scott Damerum

Group 5

Anne Kelly
David Williamson
Emily Lenderyou
Graham Kitchen
Jane Damerum
Jen Simpson
Lisa Walker
Lucy McGill
Paulette Storey
Sue Strickland
Tony Elston

Group 6

Carmen Caceres Melean
David Cresswell
David Percival
Hope Strickland Spence
Jill Hatton
Rachel Mellor
Sarah Jones
Sarah Wilson
Sarah Bradbury
Stephen Dorsey
Stuart Jones

Group 7

Cathy McCabe
David Piper
Justine Broadley
Margot Maybury
Mark Evans
Peter Bedford
Ram Sundar
Rob MacDonald
Stuart Megson
Toni Phoenix
Tracy Dique

Members are added to groups based on their best 5K/Parkrun or 10K time during the previous year. Anyone with no race time will be added to a group once they get a 5K/Parkrun (or equivalent) time during the current year.  Anyone joining the club once the championship has started is added to a group based on the same criteria. The qualifying times for each group are:

  • Group 1 – > 32 mins 5K/66:45 mins 10K
  • Group 2 – < 21:30 mins 5K/44:49 mins 10K
  • Group 3 – < 23:30 mins 5K/48:59 mins 10K
  • Group 4 – < 24:30 mins 5K/51:04 mins 10K
  • Group 5 – < 26 mins 5K/54:12 mins 10K
  • Group 6 – < 28:30 mins 5K/59:25 10K
  • Group 7 – < 31 mins 5K/64:37 10K