Club Championship 2020 groups

The groups for the 2020 Club Championship are as follows:

Group 1

Amanda Thomason
Debbie West
Harold Rogerson
Ivan MacIntyre
Laura Cunnington
Lisa Cresswell
Nisha Srivastava
Rachel Boyle
Raji Vai
Vicky Poyner

Group 2

Alan Lamb
Andy Land
David Swinburne
Joanna Brailsford
Madeleine Hill
Mark O’Brien
Paul Maybury
Richard Healy
Tristan Pocock

Group 3

Brendan Broderick
Duncan Gazeley
Elizabeth Bosworth
Emma Cowell
Emma Dutton
Ian Wood
Joanne Healy
Mike Sanderson
Robert Wadsworth

Group 4

Andrew Chow
Andy Redford
Andy Wadsworth
Geoff Paley
Katharine Lay
Lisa Crompton
Martin Bull
Robert Todd
Samantha Saunders
Scott Damerum

Group 5

Anne Kelly
David Williamson
Emily Lenderyou
Graham Kitchen
Jane Damerum
Lisa Walker
Lucy McGill
Paulette Storey
Sue Strickland
Tony Elston

Group 6

Carmen Caceres Melean
David Cresswell
David Percival
Jill Hatton
Rachel Mellor
Sarah Jones
Sarah Wilson
Sarah Bradbury
Stephen Dorsey
Stuart Jones

Group 7

Cathy McCabe
David Piper
Justine Broadley
Margot Maybury
Mark Evans
Peter Bedford
Ram Sundar
Stuart Megson
Toni Phoenix
Tracy Dique

Members are added to groups based on their best 5K/Parkrun or 10K time during the previous year. Anyone with no race time will be added to a group once they get a 5K/Parkrun (or equivalent) time during the current year.  Anyone joining the club once the championship has started is added to a group based on the same criteria. The qualifying times for each group are:

  • Group 1 – > 32 mins 5K/66:45 mins 10K
  • Group 2 – < 21:30 mins 5K/44:49 mins 10K
  • Group 3 – < 23:30 mins 5K/48:59 mins 10K
  • Group 4 – < 24:30 mins 5K/51:04 mins 10K
  • Group 5 – < 26 mins 5K/54:12 mins 10K
  • Group 6 – < 28:30 mins 5K/59:25 10K
  • Group 7 – < 31 mins 5K/64:37 10K