Club championship 2020

Our club championship is a great way to join other Dragons in races across the region.  Members are divided into mixed sex groups comprising runners of similar ability.  Races in the 2020 club championship are listed below. Some races fill up quickly so please enter as soon as possible.

Club championship table

The championship table after two events:

NamePoints from best 5Total pointsNumber of eventsGroup
1Andrew Chow202024
1Sue Strickland202025
3Ram Sundar191927
4Joanna Brailsford181822
4Paul Maybury181822
6Anne Kelly171725
6Jane Damerum171725
8Scott Damerum161624
9Geoff Paley151524
9Rob Todd151524
11Andy Land101012
11Stuart Megson101017
13Margot Maybury9917
14Cathy McCabe8817
14Katharine Lay8814
16Dave Williamson7715

How it works

The Club championship runs from January to December.

The competition consists of mixed sex groups comprising runners of similar ability. All current year club members go into a group at the start of the championship year based on their best 5K/Parkrun or 10K time in the previous year (or the year before that if no races were entered in the previous year).  Group membership for 2020 is shown here. Anyone with no race time will be added to a group once they get a 5K/Parkrun or 10K time during the current year.  Anyone joining the club once the championship has started is added to a group based on the same criteria.

Points are awarded for each race. Within each mixed sex group, the Dragon finishing highest placed in the race from that group gets 10 points, the second placed Dragon gets 9 points, third placed 8 points and so on. Where more than one distance is offered on the races page points are awarded for each distance.

You must complete a minimum of five races over the year to qualify for the championship.  If you take part in more than five races your best five scores will count towards your overall score. You must have entered all the races as a member of Dragons Running Club (Sale).

The winner of the club championship is the person with the most points following the final race.  If 2 or more members end the season on the same points then the winner is the person with the highest number of points overall.  If there is still a tie the championship will be shared.

The club will publish a list of championship races at the start of the year – it is up to members to book themselves onto the races they wish to enter.  Many races fill up early so please book on as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!