Run leader rota

Run leaders and run assistants can sign up for slots here or can click on a link in the Google Calendar at the bottom of this page.

Tuesday6.30 Lead/Assistant7.10 Lead/AssistantThursday6.30 Lead/Assistant
11 FebSue/LisaSue/Lisa13 FebPaulette/?
18 FebRob/RachelRob/Dave20 FebJane/?
25 FebAndy (Improver session)/DaveAndy/?27 FebSue/?
3 MarMadeleine/??/?5 Mar?/?
10 MarJane/RachelJane/?12 MarRob/?
17 Mar?/Rachel?/?19 MarAndy/?
24 MarSue/?Sue/?26 MarPaulette/?
31 Mar?/? (Improver session)?/?2 Apr?/?
7 AprAndy/?Andy/?9 Apr?/?
14 AprSue/?Sue/?16 Apr?/?
21 Apr?/??/?23 Apr?/?
28 Apr?/Rachel (Improver session)?/?30 Apr?/?
5 May?/??/?7 May?/?
12 May?/??/?14 MayAndy/?
19 May?/??/?21 May?/?
26 MayAndy/? (Improver session)?/?28 May?/?