Club Parkrun Championship tables

After 2 Parkruns. For details of how the Championship works and for a list of future Parkruns click here.

Group table

PositionNamePoints from best 4Total pointsNumber of eventsGroup
1Mark Jolly202022
1Andy Land202026
3Ceri Murray181823
4Jane Damerum161623
4Claire Gwyer161625
6Graham Caveuk Hillary151522
7Sue Strickland101014
7Stephen Jewell101013
7Richard Wilshaw101014
7Margot Maybury101011
7Joanne Healy101015
7Andy Walker101014
7Alan Lamb101015
14Scott Damerum9915
14Samantha Rose9914
14Rob Todd9914
14Nathan Cornish9916
14Madeleine Hill9916
14Jemma Sharples9912
14Dave Williamson9911
21Vicki Cleall8816
21Paul Maybury8816
21Lisa Walker8815
21Graham Kitchen8812
21Alan Cleall8815
26Vicky Barker7713
26Gary Bramhall7712
26Andy Redford7716

Most improved runner table

Improvement from base time provided (in seconds)
Dave Williamson0:02:07
Margot Maybury0:01:51
Paul Maybury0:01:10
Ceri Murray0:01:08
Vicky Barker0:00:56
Lisa Walker0:00:52
Andy Redford0:00:44
Graham Kitchen0:00:43
Richard Wilshaw0:00:41
Nathan Cornish0:00:39
Mark Jolly0:00:37
Andy Land0:00:34
Andy Walker0:00:30
Joanne Healy0:00:28
Jemma Sharples0:00:26
Jane Damerum0:00:24
Gary Bramhall
Graham Caveuk Hillary
Claire Gwyer
Scott Damerum
Samantha Rose
Stephen Jewell
Alan Cleall
Alan Lamb
Vicki Cleall
Sue Strickland
Madeleine Hill
Rob Todd


Group 1

  • Dave Williamson
  • Ivan MacIntyre
  • Margot Maybury
  • Nicole van den Wittenboer
  • Paulette Storey
  • Pete Bedford

Group 2

  • Graham Caveuk Hillary
  • Graham Kitchen
  • Jemma Sharples
  • Mark Jolly
  • Mary Waudy
  • Rebecca Atkins
  • Rob Macdonald

Group 3

  • Ceri Murray
  • Jane Damerum
  • Katharine Lay
  • Stephen Hodges
  • Stephen Jewell
  • Vicky Barker

Group 4

  • Andy Walker
  • Richard Wilshaw
  • Rob Todd
  • Samantha Rose
  • Sue Strickland

Group 5

  • Alan Cleall
  • Alan Lamb
  • Anne Kelly
  • Claire Gwyer
  • Jen Simpson
  • Joanne Healy
  • Lisa Walker
  • Lorna Baker
  • Scott Damerum

Group 6

  • Andy Land
  • Andy Redford
  • Madeleine Hill
  • Melanie Barber
  • Nathan Cornish
  • Paul Maybury
  • Vicki Cleall